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Nail Appointments & Class Inquiries

For class inquiries and nail appointments please direct message on instagram or text 832-834-2131 (please do not call, TEXT ONLY)

Can you use nailed_by_john acrylics with other monomer brands?

We recommend trying our monomer with our acrylic before trying it with other brands to get the best result as advertised.

Can you dip with nailed_by_john acylics?

Yes our acrylic is 2 in 1 formulated for both acrylic use and dipping use.

How to use nailed_by_john acrylics correctly?

Make sure you are working at 73-75 degree Fahrenheit. and make sure no cold air is blowing into your work space and also make sure you are using it with our monomer.

What is MMA and EMA?

MMA is methyl methacrylate a liquid monomer/ chemical compound that is mainly used in the dental industry for productions of bridges and crowns or bone cement after it solidifies. Its not harmful to teeth and joints because it is not directly applied onto flesh rather on crowns and bone and allowing it time to dry before placing it onto people vs MMA being directly applied on nails with no dry time causing allergic reaction and extremely hard to remove vs EMA. The smell of MMA is extremely heavy, sharp and is toxic when breathing it over a short period of time. EMA is Ethyl methacrylate, which is an acrylic monomer that is used in most acrylic nail systems. to differentiate between EMA and MMA is through their odor and color. MMA is very light in color almost light diluted blue and emits a sharp smell and can be smelled immediately as you walk into a salon or booth. EMA is extremely dark in purple or blue color and has very low odor. MMA is also extremely hard to soak off, instead of the acrylic gumming and shriveling up, MMA acrylic will remain solid no matter how long you soak. MMA and EMA is only contained in monomer and not acrylic. our monomer is EMA.

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