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Nail Polish

Product Information

NOT all products are the same. Just like theres payless shoes and Nikes (keep in mind it may look similar but it does not function the same)


Not all acrylic is formulated the same. There are so many acrylic brands out there it can be frustrating and confusing as to which acrylic system is best for you, so you have no choice but to try it out (which means spending money) sometimes you'll land a decent acrylic and sometimes you will land on a runny or marbly inconsistent acrylic which can be very hard to control and maneuver and can be very frustrating because you feel like you just wasted your money. But the harsh reality is big brand name acrylics or no name brand acrylics are made solely by machines for the general public. There is no one testing the consistency of each color because it is not made with beginners in mind. Sometimes you'll land a good one and sometimes you won't. it is a hit and miss. but we want to change that by hand making and hand testing our acrylic for consistency before selling it. We work hard for beginners because we know what it was like to be a beginner. our Acrylic is money-back guaranteed as long as the jar is still full.  



We are in the process of producing quality brush. but if you are in need a quality brush in the meantime chose a kolinsky with THICK BRISTLES. if you turn the brush to the side and it looks like a wall instead of junk in the trunk and the hood DONT BUY IT. you want your brush thick and we suggest a size 12.

Drill Bits

Drill bits are extremely important in the role of acrylic nails. and when you go to a nail supply store when they pull out a stash of boxes of bits that makes you want to ask what each bit does what but that would probably take you a whole day not to mention keep in mind ( nail supply owners don't do nails) some of them use to.... 10 years ago... but they so busy selling nail supplies do you think they have the time to do nails and test out the bits and see what it does? the basics of bits are simple. FINE, MEDIUM, & COARSE. but do you know there are carbides, ceramics, diamonds, and sanding bits? Do you know there are about 20 different carbide bits under so many different names? XF, STF,  M, SM, XC, XTC, TN, 4xc, Volcanoes, tornadoes, hurricanes, tsunami and all these crazy-ass names and numbers... So what did we do? We bought all of them and went broke to figure out what's necessary and what's not. So the bits we sell you on our site are the fruit of our labor which will save you time and money. and yes everything we sell will come with instruction of use


Dehydrater & Primer

most commonly nail techs will tell you to not use soap when you wash your hands before applying topcoat because they fear the topcoat will bubble up which is true because the soap or any oil will interfere with the curing process of gel topcoat. well tada! that's what dehydrator aka bandaid is for. it is to dehydrate the nails dry and clean so polish and gel can cure 100%. primer is an adhesive for extra precaution from nail lifting. stinky primer smells very bad which is a low-quality primer. our primer and dehydrator are odorless and acidic free which won't burn clients if they do have a cut, (but if you use our bits you shouldn't be cutting anyone!)

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