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High Quality Premium Nail Products

Nailed_by_John acrylic & dip system is handmade and tested with every batch before selling to maintain pure consistency. Please keep in mind, our acrylic system is solely made to assist beginner nail techs, who of course are not knowledgable enough in materials or acrylics relating to artificial nail extension that will most likely waste money on tons of random nail products that are either too advance for them or not appropriate for the job they are trying to accomplish. Our handmade and tested acrylic will not run all over the place and will not dry up in the middle of your application. estimation time you can have up to 3-5 min to apply with no worries, giving you more time to apply, sculpt and mold your shape while it's wet so you don't have to do all that hard labor of shaping once it hardens up. Our acrylic is infused with a very nice scent (like flowers) versus generic acrylic. As for intermediate to advance nail technicians our acrylic can give you enough time to apply 2-3 fingers at a time. All 10 fingers will dry completely after the application is complete. Our products are guaranteed with money back. But we are NOT SOLELY just about acrylics, everything we sell to you is of the highest quality and tested by us personally. Such as nail bits, if you go to most nail shops you will see that most techs only use a maximum of 2 bits. This alone will not complete a perfect set of nails. there are hundreds of different bits and each bit was created to do a specific job, we introduce you to what is not commonly found at local nail supply and cut down your time and money from buying the wrong things and we will show you how to use it as well. Check out our information page to gain more knowledge about nail supplies.

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